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HEI is a Medical Travel agent in Iceland introducing manly to Icelanders in need, good, reliable healthcare service abroad and help them seek the service they need.

The Healthcare system in Iceland is good and many ways and mostly free for all, but there are exceptions.  Dentistry is not in the Icelandic Healthcare Insurance system and the cost for such healthcare service is high. Also there are long waiting lists for some operations such as Hip and Knee replacements and obesity operations. These are the main reasons many like to seek healthcare in other countries.

HEI offers Weight loss surgery operations at KCM Clinic in Poland, dentistry at Helvetic Clinics in Budapest and fertility service in Greece.

We are open for more good service suppliers. It is essential that the service is good, and that there are English speaking patents coordinators. It is better if there is a direct flight between Reykjavik, Iceland and the service provider area.  You can find out about the flight here.

Contact us by email hei@hei.is and or telephone +354 8 200 725.

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